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Welcome to
We Have 1 Foundation

Wehave 1 is a community-based, charitable foundation, supporting and promoting Sustainable Economic Development at the Local, State, Regional, National, and Global Levels. 


Through New Technologies, Events Film, Music, Books and Art, WH1 Foundation raises funds for re-investment in local educational, business, social and community groups. 

Our Projects

Our Scope is Wide


We Have 1 is developing on the ground solutions, combined with the best of modern technology, filling in the gaps for the highest good for all for people and planet.


Our innovative Business Development solutions forward widespread sustainable economic development at the local, community, state, national, and global levels. 


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We are dedicated to improving the lives of those in our community. Your contribution today helps us make a difference.

How We Do This?

Using wholistic/integrative models of development, and through understanding and teaching the best practice wisdoms of Indigenous Peoples,

We Have 1 is developing:

  • Apps and platforms that educte and financially empower millions of people. 

  • Networked, on-the-ground inner-city learning centers connected to live-work eco-village models

  • Ongoing immersive educational events

  • Financial support programs that empower individuals, for and non-profit business, and communities, to take full responsibility for themselves, each other and our planet. 

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Thank You!

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Your donations go to further high impact projects that will  help to transform life for millions of low income Americans AND, at the same time, help to heal the environment.    

Enjoying the Nature
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