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WE HAVE 1 FOUNDATION is a community-based, charitable foundation, supporting and promoting Sustainable Economic Development at the Local, State, Regional, National, and Global Levels. 


Through New Technologies, Events Film, Music, Books and Art, WH1 Foundation raises funds for re-investment in local educational, business, social and community groups. 

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We Are WH1

We Have 1 Foundation makes its impact by supporting individuals, organizations, companies, and communities who are committed to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).  We do this by partnering with existing and developing business who comply with the 17 goals as well as  the Environmental, Social, and Governance Standards. (ESG) 

All funds raised go to where the needs are greatest - towards Food, Housing, Economic and Energy Security.

We offer traditional sponsorships through our events, and as well, are prepared and ready for corporate sponsorship partnerships.  

Corporate Sponsorship Partnerships are the most strategic transactional options as far as corporate partnerships go.   

We are open to enter into joint ventures also, with other aligned non- profit organizations. 


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For the last two years, Samara Shaw, Clifford Burtley, and their partners, have been hard at work on developing programs and projects that further We Have 1 Foundation's mission.

WH1's upcoming projects will help to solve a number of MAJOR economic and environmental justice problems including:


  1. Lack of equity in business development funding 

  2. An historical lack of real estate opportunities for ownership, among marginalized populations. 


These alarming statistics keep us up at night:


  • Of the $147 billion, in venture capital in the United States, less than 2% of it goes to women. 

  • 1.2% goes to black start ups. That’s even after a four-fold increase in 2021!

  • A 2018 report from First Nations Development Institute shows that only 0.23 percent of philanthropic funding goes to Native communities, although Native people constitute 2% of the US population AND experience a disproportionate level of need.

These are HUGE problems!  And, in our view, unacceptable for such a wealthy nation. 


We are working now with our non-and for profit partners on major grants and projects that will go towards solving these problems and more. 


Your support will help to further these and other ongoing projects.  

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Co-Founder, Co-Director

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