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Samara Gretchen Shaw

Samara G. Shaw has 30+ years professional experience as Founder/Director of a variety of educational and non-profit ventures.  Her specialty as Professional Catalyst, is in helping individuals, organizations, and communities on their journey towards the eradication of poverty, hunger, inequality, and climate change effects.

She has now turned her attention towards widespread scalable solutions through We Have 1 Foundation and it's associated partnerships.

More About Samara

Samara uses Theater, Film, Music, Interactive, Immersive Events and Experiences, to facilitate Shifts in Consciousness. Bringing her 35+ years experience and skills as Writer, Editor/Publisher, Educator, Producer, and Performer.  Samara's work supports the development and building of sustainable living/learning Education Centers in communities who want to, "Start The ESG Journey".


For the past ten years, both independently, and now in partnership with Clifford Burtley, a successful Entrepreneur/Promoter/DJ/Producer of 35 years, Samara has worked with hundreds of leaders, helping bring their business, groups, and organizations to the next levels.


Samara works to restructure and reorganize foundations to generate and flow funds, increase input/output flow, and to streamline operations. Samara then works to unify, harmonize, and network efforts with other groups and individuals doing similar work.


Most Recent Professional Experience:

Co- Founder/Director of We Have 1 Foundation

We Have 1 Foundation:  Multimedia, Music, Film, Print, and Live Events designed to activate and support Sustainable Economic Development at the local, national and global levels. Samara offers One on One Leadership Counseling and Consulting, supporting leaders to build the systems and communities of the Now/future.  


Past and Present Positions/Clients/Partners

Professor of Writing North Shore Community College

Director, Religious Education, Salem Unitarian Universalist Society, Salem, MA

Director, Salmonberry Preschool, Orcas Island, WA

Co-Founder, Creative Adventures Summer Camp, Rockport, MA

Founder Cape Ann Healing Arts Network

Article about Samara's Multimedia Story, "The Shift"

2017 Interview with Blue Otter


I am always open to collaboration - feel free to reach out.  It's "All Hands on Deck" Time! 

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