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We Have 1 Community Arts and Education Centers


A network of on the ground Community Arts and Education Centers, where diverse groups of enterprising, sustainably minded, people can:

  • gather

  • develop and promote their businesses

  • network

  • heal

  • celebrate their successes. 


We Have 1 Community Arts and Education Centers provide a welcoming, supportive environment, for building sustainable communities.  Our centers support local green and beneficial business development through:

  • free and low-cost workshops

  • access to media equipment

  • commercial kitchens

  • funding

  • community

We are honored to include, among our for and non-profit partners on these projects:


The Cab Calloway Foundation

Ms. Cecelia  Calloway, Storyteller, Vocalist and Author, Educator, Philanthropist, and Daughter of legendary bandleader, Cab Calloway, and Master Drummer and Yale Professor, Michael Mills, Founded The Cab Calloway Foundation.


Ms. Calloway remarks:

"During the great depression, Cab and his hi-de-hi, hi-de-ho captured the hearts and souls of people from all walks of life. His energy, magnetism and message expressed a sense of celebration of life, happiness and hope.

 Now we are facing similar hard times to the Great Depression,  the fall out from the economic melt-down in 2007-2008 . In these critical days and times we must work together and prevail by all means….  

Please join us in promoting and preserving Cabs legacy, as well as helping serve humanitarian goodwill and youth character building initiatives for all cultures and races.

to support and sponsor community based venues for the prevention of hunger, homelessness, crime and violence, handgun and domestic violence, bullying, drugs and alcohol, sex crimes, teen homicide and suicide."


WH1's partnership with Ms Calloway and Michael Mills will further the spirit and values of the Cotton Club where Ms. Calloway was taught the value of mentorship and ownership, and the pride that comes from excellence. 


While her father was groomed by his mentors to run the Cotton Club at 19, she was helping to run it by age 14.  


Ms. Calloway, now 94, intends to see this powerful community spirit, where elders raise up and support the youth, with positive personal and community values - the values of excellence, hard work, pride in ownership, mentorship, and people supporting each other towards greatness.   


We are fortunate to be connected with such a valuable piece of American History, and honored to be chosen to continue that legacy.  


KRTL Biotech


KRTL, a biotech firm offering mental health and wellness solutions to veterans and others suffering from PTSD, addictions, and other mental health issues, is one of our "all in"  partners. 


Veteran owned and operated, KRTL Biotech, is


"an international research and development company with operations in the US, Korea, and others with a consortium of experienced Korean, Canadian, and US doctors and researchers dedicated to improving mankind’s debilitating physical and mental ailments with progressive pre-formulations created by our organization."


Jeff Gaddess


Help start-ups and established companies in transition by elevating talent, leaders and their teams through a mix of services. Support individual, families and organizations in crisis and need of change and new ways of facing challenges while thriving in a rapidly changing, highly diverse and divisive world.

Graduate and post-graduate degrees in management and psychology. Thirty-five years experience working, supervising, managing, training and motivating in the trenches. 


Jeff is the lead developer and director for a recent Santa Barbara Transition Housing Project:  A quote from the Santa Barbara Independent:


"The model stands in distinct contrast to the traditional homeless shelter where individuals share bunk beds in a large common space. The homes themselves were designed with architectural finesse and come equipped with lighting, heating, air conditioning, and four private showers and bathrooms."

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